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How to Make a Good CV for an Internship?

By Tao Feb23,2024
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Getting an internship can be a real challenge. How can you be taken seriously between your very theoretical background, your three summer restaurant jobs and your hobbies? Here are our tips for building an impactful curriculum vitae that will help you get the internship you need.

Personalize your CV According to the Offer

If you want to know how to make a good cv, notice that it is not a frozen document. To maximize your chances of getting an interview, it is imperative that you personalize it according to the company or the mission you are targeting. And for this purpose, you need all the information about the goal of the internship and the company offering it: terms, skills required, company profile (activities, key figures, history, etc.). These indications will serve as a guideline for you to write your resume according to your internship objectives and the recruiter’s expectations.

Detail your Educational Background

Obviously, you do not have ten years of work experience to detail. But studies are one of your best assets. For their part, the recruiter will tend to think that you have fresh theoretical knowledge. You must therefore put it forward. Do not just mention your diplomas in the training section. Also specify your options, detail the courses that are most likely to serve you during the internship. The aim is to translate the theoretical knowledge of your courses into competence. For example, a sociology student can highlight his analytical skills on socialization and group theory.

Showcase your Former Jobs, even the Smallest Ones

Are you sending your CV for an internship as an assistant project manager, but you have no experience in the field? Do not underestimate yourself. An experience far removed from the targeted business area can be interpreted in a positive way by the recruiter. Employers appreciate any experience which proves your dynamism and your eagerness. For instance, a job as a bartender can reflect an ability to work quickly, to manage flows, to urgency, perhaps even to communicate with foreign customers.

Remember, there is no small work or less important job. Therefore, you have nothing to hide or minimize on your CV when you look for an internship. On the contrary, highlight each experience and turn it to your advantage: detail the tasks performed so that we can deduce the degree of confidence you have been given, the results obtained, the skills acquired.

By Tao

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