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AMC Theatre and its Shareholders

AMC Theatre is a well-known movie theatre which is popularly called American movies. It is well established all over the world. its headquarters is in Leywood, Kansas. It has a chain connection with many theatres and by having such connections its share value raises high. Their share trading is done by the NYSE AMC at Its share raises by having a link with the odeon cinemas. Its major stockholders are Wanda group and Silver lake partners. It is listed in NYSE from 2012. In the pandemic situation of COvid’19, its value reduces and now it raises its standard from class B to Class A.

Facilities of AMC     

They provide a stadium-style of seating arrangements and its chairs are arranged comfortably to sit and watch the premium quality of movies in 3D effect by using the technology of realD. They raised their standard in collaboration with Sony Digital and installing Dolby Digital Auditoriums. Then it has become the world’s high tech and sophisticated theatre to watch. Its premium formats are Dolby cinemas is a large format that features dual 4k laser projectors with Dolby Vision HDR. Next is the IMAX auditorium with Digital projects and it is affordable and available in many places by using the traditional method of 70mm analogue projectors. The next feature is Prime at AMC auditoriums, it is replaced by Dolby cinemas. Next is Big D which is collaborated and interlinked with Carmike cinemas chain, with a 70-foot screen and stadium setting. ETX is the next premium large format it includes a 12-channel surround with digital projection. It has a set up of virtual reality arcades and productions.


AMC is selling two types of tickets name Black and Yellow ticket which can be bought by the retailers as the bulk order to have mass entertainment. Its price starts from 8.50$ to 10.25$. yellow tickets may not be available in some of the countries but black tickets are available in all the places. Earlier four different tickets are sold as Red, Green, Gold and Silver. People can enjoy the full premium 3d effect. They provide a gift card which is sold by the retailers. They can use it directly or through the mode of online purchase of ticket and snacks. Snacks vouchers are also available it offers for popcorns and sometimes they can get discounts on the snacks like soft drinks.

Finally to say that AMC entertainment is providing the best entertainment to the people with big screens in quality of digital Dolby by raising their standards. But the pandemic makes its shares to the downfall but it is raising once again to the fullest after the release of theatres. It’s a highly sophisticated theatre in America. Before stock trading, you can find other stocks like nyse sos at