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Tips to Make Your Apartment Stay Cool

By Tao Jan 6, 2022

In the midst of the heat and busy city, it seems the fan is not enough to cool the apartment. AC is an item that needs to be considered for an apartment.

A cool apartment room can help us to rest more quietly after a busy day in the city. But as a very useful item, the use of conventional AC electricity is quite large.

The price of conventional air conditioning is also quite expensive, not to mention the additional installation and maintenance costs that can make us think again to use conventional air conditioning. However, technological innovations that continue to be done finally led to products that we are familiar with portable air conditioners.

The existence of portable air conditioners is the answer to the doubt of the use of air conditioners, one of the best is blaux portable ac. With several aspects of excellence that are not possessed by conventional air conditioners, this type of air conditioner can be an appropriate alternative to cool your apartment room.

Next, we will review further 5 advantages of portable air conditioners that are not owned by conventional air conditioners in general. This review can help you to choose the right type of air conditioner for your apartment.

1. Easy to Carry Anywhere

Portable air conditioners have a sleek and small design, making use of these air conditioners very flexible and can be moved anywhere easily. With this practical design, you can easily adjust the desired AC position.

2. Does not require a special place

Unlike conventional air conditioners that require a special place or space for installation, portable air conditioners can be placed anywhere, even with limited space.

The design of a small air conditioner will not consume much of your apartment space. Modern design can blend well with the furniture in your apartment.

3. Does not require a complicated installation process

Conventional air conditioners have a very complicated installation process, so professional staff are needed to install them. In contrast to portable air conditioners whose installation is very easy. Just plug the power cord into the wall socket, do a few basic settings, then the AC is ready to use.

4. The use of electricity is more efficient

Portable AC power consumption is more efficient compared to conventional AC. This can help you save money on electricity.

The use of more efficient electricity is also accompanied by friendliness to the environment. This type of air conditioner does not use freon as used by conventional air conditioners, so the use of this air conditioner does not damage the environment.

5. More Affordable Prices

When comparing prices, portable air conditioners will be much cheaper when compared to conventional air conditioner prices in general, depending on the capacity offered by portable air conditioners.

This low price is also supported by the practicality offered by portable air conditioners, so there is no need for additional costs for installation and maintenance. The price range of this type of air conditioner is generally in the price of 1 million to 5 million rupiah.

Discussing related to low prices, we will also review the 7 portable AC products at low prices with good quality. This product list can be your reference for choosing the right portable air conditioner for your apartment, without having to spend excess money.

By Tao

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