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Lose Weight and Confused How to Keep Stable? Take a peek at the tips

By Tao Aug30,2021

Many people who want to diet suddenly forget how to control weight, especially when they know that they have managed to lose as much weight as their target. Of course, we are reluctant to let our weight rise to the number before dieting again, right? It will be difficult and will take a long time to lose it again, so here are some tips to keep the weight that has been lost stable.

1. Storing / Throwing Large and Loose Clothes

Keep out of sight of our large clothes, keep them or throw them away if they are not suitable for use, or maybe given to others. When you lose weight, both loose-fitting clothes and pants should be out of sight and only new clothes that fit your current weight remain.

2. Keep Counting Calories and Running a Diet Strategy

Counting calories should not stop when the target body weight has been reached. After losing weight, if calorie intake is not still limited, of course, later on, bodyweight can increase again if the calorie intake is excessive.

Keep paying attention to the rules or guidelines for the type of diet that has been followed, and stick to them. Continue the strategy in the previous diet program even though it’s not that strict anymore so that your weight can be maintained properly.

3. On the move

Maybe you’re bored hearing this one tip? But keeping active or exercising certainly has a good effect on the weight that has been lost to remain stable. If you are bored with the same sports so far, why not try something new, like consuming supplement meticore? if you using this supplement you can reduce weight instantly. For those of you are interested to buy this supplement, you must also read meticore reviews first.

4. Monitor Weight

Monitor body weight after losing by weighing at least once a week. Even if you want to weigh yourself every other day or every day. This will be able to bring out self-control so as not to go too far after a successful diet and prevent weight gain from drastically increasing.

5. Always Drink Water

It’s not that you can’t drink sweet things or drink soft drinks. But to keep the weight that has been lost no longer gaining and disappointing the liver, drink lots of water instead of consuming other types of drinks, especially sweet and fizzy ones. Limit high-calorie drinks even though the diet is successful.

6. Maintain a Mindset at the Beginning of the Diet

Mindset or mindset when undergoing a diet needs to be maintained even after losing a few pounds. Lifestyle changes are a mindset that can be continued so that it is not only beneficial for ourselves now but also when we are old; the body will surely thank you when from now on we can take care of the body properly.

7. Increase Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

It’s okay to occasionally want to enjoy donuts, cupcakes, especially potato chips. But remember, don’t go too far because if it’s too much, it will increase your weight again. Therefore, eat lots of vegetables and fruit so that you maintain a good and healthy weight. It would be nice if you could always stock fruits and vegetables at home.

Self-control is the key to being able to maintain a successful weight loss according to the target. Remember again the reasons and motivation we used to have for dieting, and don’t stop to focus on maintaining health.

By Tao

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