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How To Manage Your Study Time To Be More Effective

By Tao Jun30,2020

Managing learning time is difficult. Although many of them have been consistent in arranging good learning, many students even those whose notes have been students have difficulty in arranging study time. The difficulty arises from feeling lazy in oneself much higher than consistently learning every day and on time.

According to Chong and Magnuson, one of the education experts said in his book: “effectiveness means different to different people”. That is, the effectiveness of human learning is only about 30-45 minutes, this is where humans can only do things in focus for 45 minutes.

The difficulty is consistent and effective in learning, so I will give interesting information about tips on how to manage effective and consistent learning time of course. In these ways, it can help you be much more accomplished and successful because it starts by studying at an early age.

Create a Daily List

Creating a daily list can help you to remember what you should do in a day. In addition, daily lists will also make you more organized in doing things.

Let’s say you create a daily 24-hour list starting with exercising, buying gifts for friends, and not forgetting to study for 30 minutes. This can be done so that learning can be a priority even when you are on the weekend you still set aside time to study.

Plan your Weekly Schedule Appropriately

It turns out that creating a proper and correct weekly schedule can also have an effect on your correct study schedule. For example, let’s say you create a weekly schedule of private tutoring, an extracurricular organization, and a schedule of some activities that you must attend input into the weekly schedule.

This will teach you how to be an analyst and be able to choose priorities better. Study schedules don’t need to be written into a weekly schedule, but you can write below the weekly schedule as a small note that learning is an obligation you shouldn’t abandon.

Apply Learning Time in Class as The Best Time

Learning in class is your duty, not just a formality. This you can apply by instilling in yourself to concentrate and disrupt learning in class is a golden opportunity that you will not repeat.

You need to start by staying focused and avoiding the middle or back benches filled with those students who love to chat. You can choose the front bench and try to make friends with those who don’t have the same hobbies as you.

Why is that so? Because it can make you concentrate more on capturing lessons and you won’t be distracted by the chatter in the class that doesn’t matter when the lesson starts.

Use Daylight Hours Properly

Using time during the day correctly will make it easier to be consistent in learning. This can be the key to whether you can learn with the right time and focus or not.

Try to rest during the day, either by sleeping for 30 minutes or drinking a glass of juice while joking with your pet. Surely look for the right brain refresh time, after which you start the time by reviewing some of the subjects that have been taught.

Do Group Learning

If your time is highly unlikely to be self-learning or you’re the type of extrovert who prefers to dig into ideas from different people, surely group learning is a good solution.

Because by studying the group you are much more familiar with the subjects learned and you will be more intense to get to know the environment and your friends. This idea is also suitable for you to apply because it is more efficient in the use of time.

Take advantage of a library, garden, or some public facilities to support your group learning process. In addition, taking turns studying groups at the home of some of your group friends is also effective enough to gain knowledge and strengthen friendships.

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By Tao

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