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Amazon has recently announced to expand its sales

By Tao Oct 31, 2023 is the biggest e-commerce company known in the whole world for online shopping, it is listed as AMZN in Nasdaq. It avails a vast range of varieties of books, electronics, foods and items of clothing. Amazon has made people trust online shopping since it was found in the year 1994.

Amazon has recently announced to expand its sales in the whole food market, which is one of the greatest organic grocery chains. Amazon is known for its quality of food and groceries too. Its fast delivery service has made Amazon a first choice for the people to shop from.

The people can easily see the sales of Amazon increasing every day and Amazon is the online site which is trusted by people for many years. And investing in something that you get to interact with every day is easy. Amazon is the company that is a very common name among people these days and so people are investing with them a lot.

Amazon stocks revenue for the year is 39.37%. From the initial offering price of $ 18 amazon has returned over 165.00%. By investing about $1,000 in the IPO , within the last 23 years, the worth of it was $1.65 million on the present day. The sales of Amazon have reached 37% in a year to $96.1 billion in the third quarter. And the net income has been increased to triple $2.1 billion.

Amazon is ranked 8th in the list of the world’s most profitable companies that is known in the whole world for its the best service and fast deliveries. You can find a huge range of products as an option in each particular category. Amazon also offers assured products that have been tested before by amazon faculty. Amazon also offers a wallet to pay all your bills and recharges and gives you much exciting cashback and discount on your every payment.

Amazon stocks have been increased in the stock market from the past few months and this success in the market is never-ending. The NASDAQ: AMZN stock price each day ranges approximately $371.63 in the stock market. And you easily find the price and profit of each on the internet. You can easily find the graph of the stock market and profit and loss.


In this article, you will find the most famous e-commerce company that is Amazon. It is famous in the whole world for its facilities for online shopping and shipment. It is also known for the online series, music, TV shows and movies for the entertainment of people. Amazon is the most demanded and loved online site in the world. Before investing, you can check its balance sheet at

By Tao

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