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5 Tips to choose a hotel based on the number of guests, make your holiday fun!

Choosing a hotel can be a difficult thing for some people. Especially for resting place when traveling. In addition to determining the budget, actual accommodation costs can be suppressed if choosing the type of accommodation that fits the number of guests.

Instead of saving spending, you can even do extravagance if you choose a place to stay. Check out these 5 tips for choosing a lodging based on the following number of guests.

1. Family (3-5 guests)

For you who want to stay with family or with friends with several guests around 3 to 6 people, you can choose to stay at Guest House, Villa, or Novotel Vintage Park which provides family hotel phuket

If you stay at Guesthouse and Villa, you will usually be given full access to one house with all the amenities. Includes private pool facilities. The stay was more intimate and free,

2. Group of 6-10 People

For a large enough group of 6-10 people, you should rent a guest house or Villa only. As usual, the price offered is cheaper than renting some rooms in the hotel.

3. Solo travel

While you are traveling solo or want to choose a hotel for yourself, you can reduce the cost of spending by choosing a hostel that provides bunk beds. The bunk bed is a mattress that is commonly used for solo travelers who travel with a limited budget.

Usually, in one room, several bunk beds can be inhabited by some people. Whether it is a female-only, male-only, or mixed. Not a stay in the hotel, but for those who want to socialize or search for traveling friends, this could be an option.

4. Two people

There are many options for you who want to choose to lodge for 2 people. From the hotel, hostel, homestay, even the villa rented one room only. If at the hotel, there’d usually be a double bed or twin bed.

While at some hostel also provides a bunk bed that can be filled for two people as an option. So did some homestay and the Villa providing rooms for two/rooms.

5. more than 10 people

For more than 10 people, the choices that you could take is the sleepover at a guest house or a fit of a lot of people. You can pick a house that has plenty of bedrooms in the serial room with enough bathrooms.

Commonly Guesthouse or Villa rent one full house for some nights, it will be cheaper than staying in your hotel.

That is a lodging that you could try to match the number of guests. You can try your next vacations