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Careless Diet Can Disturb Mental Health, Here Are The Facts

Having a proportional body is the dream of every human being. In order to make it happen, people are willing to do anything, such as running a strict diet program. However, did you know that extreme diets can affect a person’s mental health? Disappointment and worry often surround your mind. In the end, the role of the organs in your body does not work optimally. This is caused by your attitude that limits the food that you eat. Of course, this habit will disturb your digestion, including the intestines which have an important role in one’s mental health.

Not only is it included in the digestive mechanism, but the intestine also carries out its function to communicate with the brain. What the brain needs, the gut is ready to fulfill, including as a producer of neurochemicals in the brain.

Like the hormone serotonin, its supply is affected by the work of the intestines. The effectiveness of the intestine depends on the foods you eat every day. So, you need to run the right diet for healthy mental health. Here’s why your diet can worsen Elite Dentistry Austin.

Vagus Nerves to Intestine

The vagus nerve is a collection of long nerve fibers that extend from the brain to the stomach. The nerve fibers present in the intestine from the vagus nerve which signals in the direction from the intestine to the brain, while only 20{8e265759e7e46ff1aa725a6f7c32d1322179c01c51d93eca819392c52bc4d877} the opposite.

This statement shows that the vagus nerve in your body is the main route for processing various types of food that you eat. From this, we can find out how much the brain receives information from your gut.

The presence of intestinal microbes

The information conveyed by the vagus nerve depends on how gut microbes respond to external situations your body is experiencing, such as excessive dieting to stress. This condition can interfere with the performance of the intestines, which can lead to mental health problems. There is a link between poor diet and poor mental health. From his research, it shows that patients with depression due to the diet program have much less microbial diversity.

Tryptophan intake

The amino acid tryptophan is the most important element for the brain. The tryptophan content in the food you eat is later broken down by bifidobacteria (intestinal microbes). That way the product reaches the brain and is processed to produce the hormone serotonin to regulate your mood. If you are deficient in bifidobacteria due to irregular food intake, this will affect your mood and worsen your mental health.

Make sure your intake of tryptophan is maintained so that the role of intestinal microbes works properly. This is done so that you will not easily experience depression again. If you run out of tryptophan, recovery from depression is only temporary. Do a proper and healthy diet program by consuming Meticore Supplement. This natural supplement is available as an oral capsule that is easy to swallow. This supplement is made from natural ingredients that are extracted from organic ingredients such as African Mango, Moringa Oleifera, and also ginger which is very suitable for weight loss. For those of you who want to buy this Supplement, you must read meticore review positive at before buying it.