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Business Strategy

Luleå University Of Technology

Technology’s central position in our lives has drawn concerns and backlash. The backlash in opposition to technology is not a uniform movement and encompasses many heterogeneous ideologies. Some segments of the Nineteen Sixties hippie counterculture grew to dislike urban residing and developed a choice for locally autonomous, sustainable, and decentralized technology, termed applicable technology. Innovations continued via the Middle Ages with the introduction of silk manufacturing , the horse collar, and horseshoes. Simple machines had been mixed into more difficult tools, such because the wheelbarrow, windmills, and clocks.

  • End customers of nationwide safety concern search technologies, including those related to supercomputing and exascale computing, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing equipment and supplies, quantum computing, and biosciences.
  • Gain insights into quotation metrics and funding information for 1000’s of scientific ideas.
  • From 1990 to 2007, a study within the U.S by MIT economist Daron Acemoglu confirmed that an addition of 1 robotic for each 1,000 employees decreased the employment-to-population ratio by zero.2%, or about 3.3 staff, and lowered wages by 0.42%.

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