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Skills to Showcase on a CV

By Tao Jan 10, 2021

On a CV, some skills are transversal and may be suitable for different positions: Community Manager, Project Manager, Engineer, Salesperson, etc. You may not even suspect it, but here are some skills that are essential for any good curriculum vitae.

The Ability to Work in a Team

First of all, you can download a free template online for the layout and the presentation. But as far as the content is concerned, do not forget to mention your team spirit among your soft skills. Whatever the business area and the position sought are, the ability to work as a team is one of the most essential skills on a resume. In most positions, teams take on projects together and being able to work effectively with others is important.

Problem Solving

Your professional life will be summed up in a few words: being able to solve problems, find solutions and take initiatives, efficiently and quickly! And this, regardless of the field in which you operate. To develop this soft skill, you need to use analytical and creative thinking. While hard skills are essential, problem solving can make all the difference. Being able to find intuitive solutions is a huge quality.

Good Organization

In most jobs, you have to be organized if you want to get by. You also have to be very efficient, and know how to manage and organize your day and your activity. Ditto for planning. Much of what you are going to do every day, no matter what, needs to be planned out.

Data Analysis

Currently, a large number of jobs are focused on data analysis, especially in the fields of marketing, communication and new technologies. If you were good at statistics in high school or college, you will certainly be very good at data analysis, but even if math were not your strong suit, you should not jump to conclusions too hastily, you may be the best fit.


Technologies change rapidly, and so do the ways of working, which is why it is imperative that you know how to adapt quickly to the professional developments around you. Even within your own job, you must know how to adapt. Your project may take a new turn and you may have to change your plans, so you need to be adaptable! As flexibility, this skill helps you embrace and adjust to change and that is important, especially with today’s sanitary situation which impacts on every job.

By Tao

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