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Not Sydney, This Is the City In Australia known for having Four Seasons in One Day

By Tao Nov 3, 2023

as the home country of kangaroos, Australia keeps many tourist destinations that deserve thumbs up. Almost all cities in Australia have attractive tourist destinations. Tourists often visit Sydney during the holidays. However, do you know if there is a unique city in Australia that has four seasons in one day? It is in Melbourne. Located around Port Philip, Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria. The weather in Melbourne is truly unique and unpredictable. You can experience extreme weather movements with drastic temperature change in one day.

Because the weather is often changing, it’s no wonder that some tourists tend to be wary if they want to hold an outdoor event in Melbourne. If you’re going to find a party hire Melbourne, Having A Party is the solution. They will be happy to offer a set of furniture that you need, along with tents and room decoration services. You only need to find the right place to hold your event. The following are four lists of tourist attractions that you can use as a place to held party

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Botanical Gardens were founded in 1846 when the land was provided for the creation of new gardens. This garden stretches around 36 hectares with lots of trees, lakes, grass. This famous Botanical Garden in Melbourne has nearly 50,000 plants representing 8,500 different species. This attraction is also the home of a botanical collection in the Victoria National Herbarium. This place is also known as a botanical library because of its 1.5 million preserved plants, algae, and mushrooms inside.

Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges is a fantastic natural tourist spot. Dandenong Ranges is a collection of low mountains with an altitude of about 633 meters. This spot is located around 35 km east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. In this place, there are many inns and resorts in the hillside. Besides, you can enjoy various parks, gardens, and waterfalls along the river.

St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier is also one of the best tourist attractions in Melbourne. This port was built by European residents in 1853 but collapsed due to a water storm in Port Philip Bay. In this place, you can see the best sunset in Melbourne.

By Tao

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