I Have Actually Made Some Money Gambling

I am sure that it can not go on much longer, but it seems at this moment that I am good at gambling. Of course they say that the guys who own the casinos just want people to stick around and they always have the edge. If you play poker or blackjack those are games of skill, but I am sure that the people on the betting sites that I use probably are not very good at the games or the rooms that I play. At any rate for about three months I have been doing this as a hobby. I started out with about twenty dollars and I never lost that first twenty so far I know. Over time I think that I put in around a hundred dollars that I did not win. Over time I have been able to accrue more and more money doing it and I have been trying to maintain a sense of what is what.

If you get too full of yourself I am sure you would eventually find people who are better at this than I am, so I decided that I would set a goal and try to get there. When I reach it I am going to take the money out of this and invest it in something that I am going to need soon enough, namely a new car. The car that I have has been working pretty well, but it had a hundred thousand miles on it when I bought it and now it has twice that many on the odometer. If you know anything about cars, then you know that there is a point where it becomes more costly to maintain a car than it is worth. In this case if the transmission or something like that goes, it costs more to fix it than the car is worth.