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5 Most Popular Travel Destination Countries in the World

To get rid of the boredom of working, many people go on vacation around the world. Some choose to go to a tropical place, some visit big cities. But of the many choices of vacation destinations available, there is one country most visited by tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the world tourist attractions that are included in the 5 most popular and best tourist destination countries in the world

1 Maldives

Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Maldives is known as a paradise for tourists. With the beauty of the crystal clear sea, Maldives is very enchanting. In the Maldives, many lodgings are set up on the sea, but if you are looking for affordable lodging with full facilities, you can try staying at Raffles Luxury Villas Maldives.

2 Paris

Paris always presents romance. Every new couple must dream of spending their honeymoon phase in Paris. Paris is very famous for the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Here, you can also enjoy the beauty of classic-style café. Paris is perfect for spending the night with your loved ones.

3 New York

In the city of New York, you can enjoy the beauty of an amazing city. You can watch broadway shows and walk around Central Park. At night you can enjoy the beauty of New York from the Empire state building.

4 London

London is one of the 10 most popular and best tourist destination countries in the world. In London, there are many buildings with classical and modern architectural styles. You can enjoy the beauty of London from the London tower. You can also enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building in the British Museum.

5 Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the romantic cities located in Italy. In Venice, you can explore the beauty of the city with a water boat that sails in the middle of the city. Venice is a city built on water in the middle of the lagoon area. There are many magnificent buildings with charming architecture such as churches, museums, and many others.

There are still many amazing cities that you can visit. The 5 most popular and best tourist destination countries in the world that have been mentioned above represent the best tourist attractions you can visit to spend your vacation time. Hopefully, this article can give more information about the best vacation spots.