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10 Tips So That Your Work Is Not A Burden

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Employees look like a burden by some workers. This can be indicated by the procrastination, complaining, or stress of facing a deadline.

The edges of office workers feel “torturous” to them every day. If you are in such a condition, be careful.

Here are 10 tips to keep your work from becoming a burden.

Be grateful that you got the job

What are you looking for when graduating from college? One of them is looking for a job.

Well, since you’re now an employee, you get a job because there are still a lot of people still looking for work. Work is one of the first steps for those of you who want to run a business. By doing your current job, you can save money and make it the starting capital for your business in the future.

Pray before work

As a child, we taught to pray before doing something, such as reading prayer before bed.

Therefore, get used to praying before you work according to your beliefs.

By praying, you have positive energy in believing that the Almighty God will make it easier to complete your work.

Have an employee paradigm

If you, thinking that you’re a laborer or a worker change that paradigm to you as an employee. Judging by what that means, employees are the people who work.

With that paradigm, you’re ready to work (get the job done) so that your work contributes to the company.

The more you complete the work to which you are responsible, the greater your work.

If that’s the case, it’s unlikely that your brilliant work will take you to the peak of your career.

Do your best

As easy or as heavy as your job is, do your best. For example, you are asked for sales to report last month by your employer.

Create the report by including a daily sales graph, a comparison with last month’s sales data, or sales trends in the last 3 months.

By doing your best, you will get a good response as well. Why? Because the Law of Interest will work on you.

Get the job done as soon as possible

How long do you need to get the job done? If it takes 3 days, finish the job in one day.

By the job done quickly, you’ll be spared the procrastinating attitude. Also, you’ll have a loose time to do other work.

Here are 2 tips for getting out of a work procrastination stance:

  • a) If the job takes under 2 minutes, do the job right now.

For example, sign a document, print a form, or save a mail archive. These good habits will keep you from stacking small jobs that can interfere with your concentration.

  • b) Start with the first five minutes. For example, you must create a procurement report for peak management.

Well, in the first five minutes, you can write a prelude to the report. Believe it or not, after five minutes have passed, you’ll continue to make those reports.

Remember your career goals

No matter how heavy your job load will feel light when you remember your career goals.

Think of the jobs you’re dealing with now as ladders to achieve those goals or improve your competitiveness.

The better you managing your business for beginners and getting the job done, the faster your goal will arrive soon.

Do the harder job first

Every weekday you certainly get some work, either an easy one or a tough one. In order not to become stressed, do the most difficult work first.

Why? Because by doing that kind of work, your mood will be great.

As a result, you will continue to be eager to complete your daily work.

It’s hard work to do, let an easy first The question may be on your mind as internal motivation.

Remember your family

Remember your family when you are lazy to finish your work. Associate a positive or negative impact when your work isn’t complete.

For example, if your performance rates well at the end of the year when you can complete your job immediately. This good performance will one of them will increase your income.

Thus, your family’s financial plans (e.g. buying a vehicle or vacationing abroad) will come true.

Maybe you also need to remember that the purpose of work is for families, don’t you?

Doing great work

Bigger or harder work is always intimidating. The strategy is to do the job. For example, your big job consists of 5 tasks, then:

  • Task 1 completed on Monday
  • you must complete on Tuesday
  • Task 3 on the next day, and etc

By doing the job, you’ll realize that no big job is difficult if you act. 

Work sincerely

Do all the work you give with sincerity so that what you do becomes worship for you. This sincerity will keep you excited as positive vibes fill your mind.

With that positive vibe, you will continue to act to get your work done. This is where the Law of Attraction works for you.


All work will be a burden when not managed with a positive mind. This thought will appear when you apply one or more of the tips I have discussed above.